About Us

Le Tegorki is a brand created honoring Jairo Tegorki Marcano Banezca. Jairo was an adopted man raised with the love of a biological mother and stepfather. Dr. Marcano died of a heart attack, and Maria Fortuna Banezca, his mother, passed six months after in 1985, May 13, in a car accident (mothers day), leaving Jairo and his four siblings orphans. Jairo was a young man with big dreams and visions. From being a car windows cleaner to a shoe polisher, his kindness made a solid friendship with a man best known as Benjamin Topel. Benjamin and Jairo developed a business partner collaboration to create a clothing company known as Petroff forging a beautiful friendship. Jairo became very well known for being a young entrepreneur at 27 and for his solidarity and kindness to the homeless, poor, orphans, and much more. He made time for family, friends, and people he recently knew no matter where he went. Jairo was known as Police. He had close contact with authorities helping them with their needs and had intuitive, strict ideals about responsibility, truth, and life.

Jairo showered the people who knew him with love, goods, roof, warmth, and much more. Le Tegorki forms part of a pro-family platform. A brand created to support a vision of ageless, genderless, & season-less lifestyle in Home-Wear. Le Tegorki is forging nether-less financial statements; affordability within comfort. Le Tegorki goes for a pro-family love venture in where Le Tegorki forms part of your life. Le Tegorki is & will always be with you. Be part of Le Tegorki - Let's become a family!